10 Things to Do BEFORE Your Open House

10 Things to Do BEFORE Your Open House

There are so many things to think about when preparing for an open house. So, in order to help out, we’ve compiled a list of 10 things to think about before the day arrives. If you follow these tips and tricks, you’re open house is sure to be a success! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on what to do on the actual day.

1. Clean Top to Bottom

We’re not even going to go into detail on this one because it’s pretty straight forward and widely known: scrub your home from top to bottom! If there are blemishes on the outside, (maybe you have one too many birds stopping by and leaving their mark on the garage door) they need to be dealt with before the open house. As  for the inside, everything should sparkle. Floors, walls, windows,  furniture, appliances, bathroom porcelain, faucets, everything.  It’s also a good idea to do the home cleanse a few days before your  open house so you have time to air out the residual smell of bleach and  cleaning products. Because “stylishly sterile” is definitely not a thing.

2. Fixing Up the Front and Back

It’s not just the inside that needs a touch up. Making small adjustments to your front and backyard can do wonders when it comes to selling your home. Things like planting a few extra flowers in the garden will really liven up a home’s exterior. Make  sure the grass is neatly cut and any hedges are trimmed too. And, if  you’ve got kids, any bikes, trikes, scooters, or skateboards should all  be tucked away and out of sight.

3. Attractive Entryways

First impressions are lasting ones. Placing a crisp new welcome mat outside the front door is an easy way to  make your home feel inviting to potential buyers. And, if you’re  looking to go the extra mile, no one ever turned away from a freshly  painted front door and polished doorknobs.

4. Spaciously Spacious

If you’re going to have lots of people walking through your home, the one thing they shouldn’t be feeling is  crowded. Sure, you may have some gorgeous pieces of furniture that you  really think accentuate the living room décor, but, if Mr. and Mrs. Jones can’t fluidly walk through the space, they might not make an  offer. It’s also harder for the buyer to imagine their own belongings in  a space that is full with someone else’s. Never fear though, there’s an  easy solution. Put some of your furniture in storage. This will open up  the space in your home and maintain a desirable sense of neutrality as  well.

5. Not for Sale? Don’t Show It.

You know the feeling when you walk into a store and find the shirt of your dreams? It’s the perfect color on  you, it goes with all your bottoms, and you’ve already got the shoes to  match. The only problem is that it’s not in your size. So you ask the  salesperson and they go check in the back. To your dismay, this shirt of  wonders does not exist in your size. Disappointing right? Relate this  feeling to a potential buyer who’s come to view your home. They see the  dishwasher and get really excited! Ah, but, sorry, just a second… the  dishwasher doesn’t come with the house. The owners are actually taking  that with them to the new house. (Insert balloon deflating sound effect here.) Don’t tease potential buyers. Remove any extra appliances or big-ticket items that people might assume are sold with the house but  are actually not included. No one wants to be deprived of their “shirt  of wonders”.

6. Speaking of Not Showing…

Close the lids on the toilets. It just looks better. Also, a nice new bathmat and hand towel never hurt.

7. Bringing in a Professional

A professional stager is just that: professional. They will know exactly what needs to be done to make a  room look that much better. (Look out for upcoming posts about staging!)  However, it’s up to you. If you have a bit of flare for design and  hospitality, then you may choose not to hire outside assistance.

8. All the World’s a Stage… Or Rather, Stage All of the House!

A bit of a long title but everyone’s allowed a little indulgence right?

On the subject of staging, don’t stage just one floor.  Buyers want to explore every crevice of your home and therefore, every  crevice needs to be presentable. And really, if the first floor of your  home is immaculately set with flowers on the dining room table,  sparkling windows, and freshly pressed curtains, only to have the  upstairs look thrown together with a plethora of personal items strewn about the bedrooms… it looks rather peculiar.

9. Store Your Valuables

It’s just not worth worrying about them. If you have a revolving door policy during your open house, you don’t know who is coming and going. Storing your valuables puts your  mind at ease and removes the risk of having awkward confrontations with  strangers.

10. Take Down the Family Hall of Fame

Yes, your Christmas photos are awesome, but during the open house, buyers want to picture their own family portraits on the wall. Taking down your personal photos allows them room for imagination and in turn see themselves living in  your home.

Anything you’d like to add? We’d love to hear from you!